I'm looking for a lot of great quality artists, whose tasteful works they are very proud of.  I've always added Artists by hand picking them, and not relying on them to discover my site.  After all, I have a particular taste in art (to describe it best would be 'leaning to the realistic, the fantasy, Anime and the pre-raphaelite.')  I'm particularly interested in 'photo realistic' styles of art. 

It can be difficult acquiring all the Art that I'd like to have access to on this website, but it's a labor of love.  You get to meet a lot of fascinating people along the way.  I'm open to traditional art as well as the new age of Digital Art.  Whatever way you do your art, is an interpretation all your own and it must might be agreeable to me too!

Be forewarned, you can spend a lot of time here.  I thrive to keep everything alive and interesting, as the art works from these mighty artists.  It's my intentions to teach the young and old and to open/reopen eyes into the wonderful world of Art! 
     I've had a few people ask me about opening links into a new window. To do it simply, just  right click on the link and "Open Link In New Window".  Sounds a little archaic, but it works!

    Please respect other artist's works and do not take their images without their permission.  They are not to be used or altered in any way, shape or form.  These wonderful artists have spent many, many hours getting their pieces done and they copyright and value their work.   

 If you would like your ad removed for whatever reasons, or you'd like to change the URL, or have any other Artist Links concerns, please email me at:    dekrue2009@gmail.com

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